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nafiche 123
Jun 15, 2022
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Brand color Crov Dropshipping is based on its business characteristics of free and flexible time, part-time side jobs, and low cost risk, so that the corresponding user groups are increasingly concentrated in the younger generation of e-tailers (online retailers). They executive email list are different from the traditional retailers (offline brick-and-mortar retailers) in our conventional understanding. Most DSers have their own careers and jobs, and regard them as their side jobs in executive email list order to earn extra money. Therefore, rejuvenation is the main label for this type of user base. Therefore, we used purple with high saturation and blue hue as the brand color of crov dropshipping. Its HSB value is (250, 80, 100). 2. Generate 24-color "ribbons" based on brand colors In order to cover the complex front-end and back-end business scenarios of executive email list Crov DS itself, various types of auxiliary colors need to be additionally matched. We want executive email list to extract 24 kinds of hues, so the basic angle of each hue in the color wheel is 15° directly through 360/24. Therefore, based on the brand hue here, in the HSB 360° color circle, the hue (H) forward and reverse are ±15° each, and the saturation (S) and lightness (B) remain unchanged, resulting in 24 Colors color ring with ribbons. In the follow-up, our color system is extracted from the 24 colors on the ribbon. 3. The same color as the brand color The same color system of brand colors refers to the generation of a group of colors with different shades and executive email list light and shades according to the different saturation and lightness changes of the brand colors. The same color scheme not only conveys the brand, but also can adapt to and generalize executive email list as many business scenarios as possible with multiple gradient changes, which also facilitates the hierarchical division of multi-information.
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nafiche 123

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